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    Second ICP Korean student meeting feedback_Fall 2019
       IIT서울            19-11-13             1396    
I had the second ICP Korean student meeting this week and collected their comments as below:

Positive thing what I like

1. IIT campus is near Chicago downtown so students can go many places to visit easily.
   Those events such as concerts, museums, sports games, NBA games, city events, etc.

2. Compared to their number of courses in Korea, 12 credits in IIT are good to study and participate in other activities.

3. Students can connect to many foreign students and communicate with them freely as friends.

4. Students can experience various activities in campus as well as off campus events.

5. Nice restaurants are available near campus (especially Chinatown and Italian neighbor) and Chicago downtown.ed
   Most students have enjoyed a few eating places where prof. Choi treated students.  :-)

6. Faculties and staff are very friendly.

7. A couple students said "Everything in IIT has been satisfied so far".

Other comments and observation

1. None of the students were aware of how and when their medical insurance overpaid fees were refunded.
   Let me or students know how they checked that.
   I mentioned the refund went to their accounts but no one knows their account.
Ryan : Health insurance amounts were adjusted for most last week.  A couple others will be adjusted when the Student Accounting manager returns in a couple weeks.     
2. Mr. Hojin Lee was selected as their student representative until the end of the program.

3. I highlighted the safety issue again because one of the students lost his new iPhone at the downtown Starbucks store.
   It was not a robbery but a black make took his phone while the student did not have full attention on his phone.
   The student was doing a class homework report there.
   This is the second time the ICP students lost phone this year.  
   The other case happened in the campus (robbed at the bus stop at 31st and State) during the first week of August (spring student) and this case was off campus.
Ryan : Unfortunately, we cannot control what happens outside of campus.  Students need to be aware of their surroundings.    

Have a good weekend.   

Michael Y. Choi, Ph.D.Adj. ProfessorDept. of Computer ScienceIllinois Institute of Technology
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