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    First meeting of ICP Spring students feedback
       admin            20-02-11             11748    
Here are student feedback from the last meeting.
There was no serious matter for the first two weeks.
Thanks for taking care of them well.

1. IIT's Study-Life balance are good.  In Korea, many students could not keep a well balanced life in college.
   This means, in another way, students in IIT ICP program can manage their time well.
2. Small size class is better.  The small size class enables people participate in the class activity better.
3. Although IIT tuition. room and board cost a little bit higher than some other schools in the US (this student spent time in other US college before),
   IIT offers a lot more facilities and services that students can utilize such as sports facilities, library, and BOG entertainment center.
4. This semester students received Ventra UPASS card for unlimited rides.  
   (Past ICP students never received but limited Ventra card.  Please double check if this is the real unlimited UPASS)
ICP Program manager (Ryan Nelson): Beginning last semester (Fall 2019) all ICP students are receiving Upasses with unlimited rides during the semesters. 
5. Most IIT ICP IT courses are hands-on practical learning courses.  They are amazing courses.
6. Tables and chairs in the class are very comfortable.
7. Professors are very kind and friendly.
8. Students mainly focus on preparing exams in colleges in Korea; however, IIT classes requests frequent assignments to help their study.
9. There are many IT courses that ICP students can choose.
   (This comment from some students also brought opposite comment below)

Things need improvement
1. There were lack of tuition/room & board payment plan in both OTs (orientations) in Korea and IIT.
ICP Program manager (Ryan Nelson) : Pretty Sure that Steven covered this during our Orientation.

2. Many IT course schedules are conflict with English courses and also no available seats for ICP students so ICP students could not take various IT courses.-Unfortunately, we cannot control when the English courses run.  
Program manager  : ITM courses, have to accommodate the ITM undergraduate students as a first priority.  We have little influence when they run.  

3. The required courses of English courses vs major study courses are 2:2.  Then there are too much amount of English homework and activities.
Program manager : The students are here to improve their English First and foremost, This is the nature of the program.  

4. Those possible IT courses from their myIIT site were not introduced by the IIT orientation. Only a limited courses were introduced.  Some students could register the other courses somehow. 
Program manager : This year we had limited seats available due to Classroom size and an increase in regular ITM graduate students.  We can try to estimate more seats for the Fall for ICP, but again we are limited by classroom size and Faculty to student ratios.

5. A student came to IIT mainly for improving his English because his major study area are different than both IT and Business.The students wanted to take very introductory IT course to learn instead; however, there are no seats or intro IT courses. (this is a student's subject opinion), 
Program manager : again see previous comment
6. The Keating Sport complex is a very good facility though the closing time is too early at 10 PM. Students want to use the facility by at least 11 PM after their evening class. 
Program manager : That's not happening.  The university will not adjust operating schedules for a handful of students.  

7. No one has instructed general time of the wire money from Korean bank to US.  Some students said a few days to take. IIT Seoul office may need this instruction in more detail from the Seoul orientation for future students.  
Program manager : We can inquire with Student Accounting on best timetables for such.

Michael Y. Choi, Ph.D.Adj. ProfessorDept. of Computer ScienceIllinois Institute of Technology
ICP Korean students Internship feedback_Fall 2019
Course descriptions_Spring Semester 2020

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