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  신입생 참고사항2- English Proficiency Exams
  글쓴이 : admin     날짜 : 21-08-18 11:03     조회 : 4885    
Illinois Tech에 입학시 영어성적이 일정기준 미만시(TOEFL : 90, IELTS : 6.5, Duolingo : 105) 학교 도착 후 영어성적 테스트를 받아 영어학과(PESL, Proficiency of English as Second Language) 수강여부를 결정합니다. 참고로 Duolingo 성적을 제출한 학생은 성적 점수에 관계없이 모두 test를 받아야합니다.  English Proficiency exams 안내는 학생들에게 email로 개별적으로 통보합니다. 다음은 English Proficiency exams 에 대한 안내입니다. 
Here is information about the English assessments for international students who have not met  TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson or Duolingo English proficiency minimums at the time of their admission: https://www.iit.edu/els/english-language-assessment  See especially  information about scheduling :

It is important for you to complete the assessment exams immediately upon your arrival on Mies Campus. Assessments begin the week before classes start, so please plan to arrive early. You will be able to make a reservation to take the assessments when the reservation system is open. If you are unable to make a reservation, please email els@iit.edu.

Assessments are scheduled the week before courses begin. New students, you must arrive early to attend orientation week and take assessments then. See below for dates:

Fall 2021

Recommended Arrival Date for All International Students

No later than August 15

Reservation System Available

July 30

Assessments—Initial Testing

August 16-20

Assessments can be made by appointment for certain cases. Please contact us at els@iit.edu to see if you qualify for an individual assessment session. In most cases, we can only assess admitted Illinois Tech international students who are presently in Chicago.

All test takers are required to read the assessment instructions and test guidelines, see below, before arriving to take the test.


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