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  성적표 발급 신청방법(Summer AI Classes)
  글쓴이 : admin     날짜 : 21-08-31 14:43     조회 : 2792    
다음은 IIT의 Sumer AI 수강한 학생들의 성적표 신청방법입니다.
my.iit.edu에 로그인 - Navigation tab(오른쪽 맨위 네모)- self service- student-order of official transcript- 화면이 안나올시 세번째줄 here (클릭)-order PDF transcript-주소 등 필요사항 입력, 이 메일주소를 정확히 입력해야 성적표를 받을 수 있음(본인이 평소 사용하는 메일)-Order option 의 college에 Stuart of School of Business 입력  - payment로 넘어가서 결제하면 됨.


The students will no longer be “current students” after September 4, unless they are registered for a fall class.  Former students can always order an official  transcripts through  the Credentials link (see below)
How To Order Via the MyIIT Portal (Current Students)

1.      Log in to the myIIT portal.

2.      Under the “Academics” tab, navigate to the “Banner Self-Service” channel.

3.      Click on the “Student” link, and then click on the “Student Records” link.

4.      Finally, click on the “Order Official Transcript” link. After placing your order, you will be contacted when your transcript request has been processed.

Via the Direct Link (Alums and Former Students)

·        Visit Illinois Tech’s Credentials, Inc. page to complete the online order process and pay by credit card. After placing your order, you will be contacted when your transcript has been processed and mailed.

·        If you do not have access to the internet, you may contact our service provider, Credentials Inc., at 847.716.3005 for assistance with placing an order.


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